Proceedings of the International Scientific Workshop on

"Forest Fires in the Wildland-Urban Interface and Rural Areas in Europe:

an integral planning and management challenge"

May 15 & 16, 2003, Athens, Greece.


Table of contents


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Front matters

Preventing Residential Fire Disasters During Wildfires

J. Cohen

Forest Fires at the Urban/Wildland Interface in the South of France

N.Raffalli, C.Picard and F.Giroud

The June 4, 2001 fire in the wildland urban interface areas of Northern Attica:

Evolution, firefighting problems and damages

G. Xanthopoulos, C. Labris, and C. Golfinos

Analysis of the natural and meteorological conditions during two largest forest fire

events in the Slovak Paradise National Park

J. Skvarenina, J. Mindas, J. Holecy & J. Tucek

Considering about the Fire Fighting at the Wildland/Urban Interface The Example of

the City of Marseille

C.Picard, B.Muscat, F.Giroud, J.C.Drouet

Wildland / urban interfaces characterization using remote sensing data

M. Jappiot, L. Borgniet, E. Dumas, C. Philibert-Caillat

Concepts and ideas of assessing settlement fire vulnerability in the W-UI zone

D. Caballero, I. Beltrán

A method to classify W-UI situations in Europe: towards a common catalogue

I.M. Beltrán Jódar , E. Ruiz Cubas, R. Sanchez Cerrajero ,C. Pascual


The ecosystems studied in the frame of Fire Star project

M. Cohen and J.C. Valette

Catalogue Describing the Fire Vulnerability of Landscape Structures in the Slovak

Paradise National Park

J. Tucek, J. Skvarenina, J. Mindas & J. Holecy

Factors affecting the vulnerability of houses to wildland fire in the Mediterranean


G. Xanthopoulos

Fire Spread and the Wildland Urban Interface Problem

D. X. Viegas, B. Allgöwer, N. Koutsias, G. Eftichidis

A 'complete' physical model of forest fire behaviour as a tool to manage the forest fuel

on WUI

J-L. Dupuy, J.C. Valette, D. Morvan

From the Vegetation to the Inputs of a Fire Model: Fuel Modelling for WUI


M. Cohen, E. Rigolot, J.C. Valette

FireSmart Strategies for Wildland Urban Interface Landscapes

M. Sánchez-Guisández, W. Cui and D.L. Martell

Recommendations for fuel-break design and fuel management at the Wildland Urban

Interface: an empirical approach in South Eastern France

E. Rigolot, L. Castelli, M. Cohen, M. Costa, Y. Duché

Automated fire and flood danger assessment system

K. Kalabokidis, C. Karavitis and C. Vasilakos

Outcomes of a high-intensity experimental fire in a maritime pine stand

P. Fernandes, C. Loureiro and H. Botelho

Fire risk insurance model for forest stands growing in the area of Slovak Paradise

J. Holecy, J. Skvarenina, J. Tucek & J. Mindas

Passive and active landscape protection measures against fires in the Czech Republic

and in the W-UI AREA Kostelec n.C.l.

L. Sisak, I. Kasparova and K. Pulkrab

Spatial Analysis in European Wildland-Urban Interface Environments Using GIS

A. Camia, V. Varela, R. Marzano and G. Eftichidis

Greenhouse gas emissions from the forest fire events in the Slovak Paradise National

Park according to the IPCC methodology

J. Mindas, J. Skvarenina, J. Holecy and J. Tucek

Remote Sensing Applied to Asses Relationship Among Burned Areas and Presence of

Wildland Urban Areas in Estado Miranda (Venezuela)

C. Pascual, L.G. García-Montero, D. Bravo, S. Martín and J. Urbano

Classification of Wildland Urban Interface Areas According to a Model of Demand of

Defence Against Forest Fires

L.G. García-Montero, C. Pascual, D. Bravo, J. García-Cañete and J.


Preliminary description of urban settlement typologies related to forest fire risk

(WARM project)

C. Pascual,  L.G García-Montero , J.A Manzanera , L. A Arroyo-Méndez

GIS Analysis of History of Forest Fires and Their Suppressions in the W-UI Area

Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy

I. Kasparova, L. Sisak and K. Pulkrab

Structural and operational design of a decision support system aiming at forest fire risk

management in WUI

P. Fiorucci, F. Gaetani, R. Minciardi